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We Follow the Torah and Observe the commandments by Walking in the footsteps of Tzaddik Yeshua Melech HaMashiach. Peace and Mercy to all Who Follow this rule of the Yisrael of Elohim.

We, along with True Leaders, are building the Infrastructure for joining this heavenly holy mission.

We have been praying and doing Teshuva to return to the Torah of Mashiach and Covenant.

We have around 100 people within our community in Hyderabad (the 4th most populous city in India. We have hundreds of people who live in other states in India who believe as we do.

We are Yisrael

Our ancestors were a shepherd family and belonged to the Tribe of Ephraim from the House of Yosef (Joseph). We can find the Tribes of Levi, Ephraim and Manasseh in India, but in recent years, there are thousands of people worldwide awakening and identifying their souls, in terms of Torah, by connecting to Israel in the body of Mashiach.

Beit Yisrael is composed of three divisions:

  1. Beit Yisrael International – Creating Platform to conduct seminars and teachings from the international leaders of Yisrael – Gathering the leaders in Unity in the spirit of the Torah of Mashiach.
  2. Beit Yaaqov Torah Online University – Building the Torah University to impart Torah Education from India to Africa and beyond.
  3. Beit Knesset EfrayimSyngogue – Building Beit Knesset to conduct Lashon HaKhadosh prayers and training in Hebrew classes for the children and the community.


Starting Behind the rivers of “KUSH” and blowing a SHOFAR to proclaim the World union of the Lost Tribes from Israel – (dispersed) Yehudah and (outcast) Ephraim and their Friends (Gentiles) in the reconciliation with the Jews/House of Yehudah under the Divine Mandate of Mashiach – YeshuaTzaddikRabbeinu our Melech Ha Mashiach.

  • Building the Communities in India, Africa, and elsewhere based on the Zephaniah prophecy (“Behind the Rivers of Kush”).
  • Building Torah University in India, Africa to impart the education
  • Proclaiming the Will & Purpose of the Creator and Building Disciples of the Torah of Mashiach.
  • Witnessing of Torah to the Nations in the merit of Yeshua Tzaddik Melech haMashiach.
  • Installing Torah Scroll in Beit Knesset Efrayim Synagogue and be a witness from Jerusalem.


  • To be a part of prophecy and fulfill the Heavenly Holy Mission in our lives.
    • To Repent! Anticipation of Redemption and announcing the Glad Tidings of the Heavenly Kingdom.
    • To gather the Lost Sheep/Remnant of Y’israel – Who Shall Return from the four corners of the Earth under the divine mandate of Mashiach.
    • To Return to the Ancient Straight Paths of Torah and Covenant.
    • To Walk in the Footsteps of Yeshua Ha Tzaddik Melech HaMashiach.
    • To Witness of Unity within the House of Yisrael and Reconciliation with the House of Judah.
    • To pray to restore the Beit HaMikdash service in our days.

Yisrael, A Light to the Nations 

Beit Yisrael International, created with the goal of uniting all the Lost Tribes of Israel who are mixed with gentiles and together build a Spiritual Holy Nation in the Diaspora under the divine mandate of Mashiach – Yeshua Tzaddik Melech HaMashiach

Started Behind the rivers of “KUSH” and blowing a SHOFAR to proclaim the World union of the Lost Tribes from Israel – (dispersed) Yehudah and (outcast) Ephraim and their Friends (Gentiles) in the reconciliation with the Jews/House of Yehudah under the Divine Mandate of Mashiach ben Yosef – YeshuaRabbeinu our Mashiach.

As it is Written:

“From beyond the rivers of KUSH my worshipers, the daughter of My dispersed ones (Ephraim/Manasseh), shall bring My offering.” – Zeph 3:10

“From India even unto Ethiopia, over a hundred and twenty–seven provinces” –Esther 1:1

As it is written in Zephaniah and Esther, Xerxes ruled over 127 provinces stretching from India to Cush. A note from Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum on Zeph 3:12: “The commentators indicate that the KOOSHIM mentioned in this verse (and in Tzephaniah 3:10) as a people who come not from Africa, as many believe, but rather from beyond the rivers of India (the Indus; see Rashi on this verse and Targum Yonasan on Tzeph. 3:10). This would conform to the opinion in the Talmud that KUSH mentioned in Esther 1:1 was adjacent to India and not in far off Africa (Megillah 11a). It was to Kush that the Ten Tribes were exiled.”

Blowing Shofar for the Redemption of the House of Israel and House of Judah. And Calling on Israelite leaders and lost sheep of Israel for unity in the spirit of the Mashiach’s Torah. 

To this promise our twelve tribes hope to attain the restoration of all the twelve tribes as One People, One Nation Under One King to Serve the Most Ancient Holy One of Israel       -Jeremiah 31:33, Ezekiel 37:23-25, Acts 26:7


  • Building the infrastructure for the Torah library.
  • Accepting the “Yoke of Torah” / “ Yoke of heaven” under the Authority of  Maran RabbeinuYeshua  Melech Halacha. 
  • Promoting the hidden teachings of the inner dimension of Torah.
  • Being a nation of priests (leaders) and holy people.
  • Setting the people of truth through the spirit of Mashiach.
  • Identifying and accepting those who are truly Israel and purifying the exiled souls of Israel with the true teachings of Torah by faith in Yeshua Melech HaMashiach.
  • Promoting the Torah Weekly Parsha studies.
  • Training the Leaders in a strong foundation of Torah studies.
  • Building Communities for Torah Training Centres.


Tefillah (Prayer) – Service of the Heart in synagogue during days and nights to serve the Most Ancient Holy One of Israel.

Therefore, say that Adonai Elohim says this: ‘True, I removed them far away among the nations and scattered them among the countries; nevertheless, I have been a little sanctuary for them in the countries to which they have gone.’ -Ezekiel 11:16

 Amidah  (the silent, standing prayer), “When I call upon Adonai, give glory to our Elohim.  Open my mouth, Lord, and my lips will proclaim Your praise.”

Through Him, therefore, let us offer the Most High a sacrifice of praise continually. For this is the natural product of lips that acknowledge His name. – Hebrews 13: 15

They all joined constantly in prayer – Acts 1: 14

They will come with weeping; they will pray as I bring them back. I will lead them beside streams of water on a level path where they will not stumble, because I am Israel’s father, and Ephraim is My firstborn son. -Jeremiah 31: 9

Support – Tzedakah and acts of kindness are equivalent to all the mitzvot of the Torah

Support our Torah Charity Operations and receive blessings from above.  We are doing the one thing that HaShem says that He will do with His whole heart and His whole soul (Jer. 32:41): Reuniting Israel and planting her in the Land.

Help Support and Beit Knesset Efrayim Torah Synagogue, where our programming and values rest on the foundation of Beit Yisrael.

We assist families in times of need with funds, food, or other essentials to get through a difficult time or situation. 

Your contribution will help us provide vital information and services to people worldwide.

Donations to BeitYisrael Fund are used for:

  • Building Synagogue construction
  • Infrastructure – PC, Laptop, Music resources and Technology Infrastructure
  • Online Internet TV Studio – Audio and Video Sessions
  • Publication of Books
  • Support of Local and International Leaders
  • Seminar Training Room
  • International Delegate Accommodation Rooms
  • Charity Support




Phase -1 – $50,000 USD

Phase-2 – $50,000 USD

Phase-3 – $50,000 USD

Phase-4 – $50,000 USD

$80,000 USD – Building and Infrastructure

$40,000 USD – Torah Scroll and Library and International Meeting

$20,000 USD – Local Leaders support

$30,000 USD – International Leaders support

$30,000 USD – Charity support





Gaddi – President  – The Servant of the Most Ancient Holy One of Israel and Disciple of YeshuaTzaddik Melech HaMashiach