Childrens Home - 10 View from the Agricuture Farm

At the moment  ‘Beit Shalom’ orphanage has become our most important project. We are supporting 30 children from the Community only as for now. Since there are so many orphans in India, our desire is to help as many of them as possible. To do this we need to build this project in order to help more Orphans who really need it, for years to come.

As mentioned before these children are, at the present time, sleeping in the street, searching every day for food in order to survive and our purpose is to offer them a home where they will find a bed to sleep, meals to eat every day and, most of all, love and security.

As you can see by the picture below, we need to renovate their new home in order to welcome them into the best possible conditions. This is why India’s government doesn’t support our project at the moment.

This project will help them find a better life, thanks to the material, educational and spiritual gifts that thChildrens Home - 11 View From the Schoolis project provides them. So they get the very best opportunities for their future.

They are rejected by society and we want to be there to hear them, to give them the opportunity to learn and to share Abba Father’s Love with them.

To make this possible, we really need your help. Please, will you help us make our Project succeed?

Through our SUPPORT page there is an opportunity for you to make a gift offering and also the opportunity to become part of this project to help the children in India through Beit Shalom. Your gift is very much appreciated and will make all the difference in the world to them.

Thank you for helping us welcome India’s Orphan children into the

‘House of Peace’: ‘Beit Shalom’